At the test centre it will usually be the driving instructor and  the student waiting outside the office for the examiner to magically appear. Examiners are allocated by random. There is no facility to ask for specic ones I'm afraid.

The examiner will need to see your driving licence before the test. If you do not have it with you, it will be a very short test, you will not be successful and you will lose your test fee. It is a good idea to physically check that you have it on you. Try not to assume that it is in your wallet or your bag.

You will then be asked to sign the test form at the top left corner. This just states that you are insured for the vehicle that you are going to be doing the test with and that you have been living in the UK for over 6 months. If you are using a driving school car then it will have insurance for this purpose.

Although you can use your own car (with a few exceptions), It is usual for you to do the test in the driving instructor's car. There will of course be a charge for this. The advanatage is that the dual controls on the driving school car allows the examiner a longer time to allow you to rectify a situation before they intervene. If the examiner brakes or grabs the steering wheel it is unlikely that you will pass your test on that attempt.

You will be given an eyesight test. In the case of Westbury and Trowbridge test centres, this normally involves reading off a number plate in the car park at a distance of 20.5m. For those of you with dyslexia, don't worry, you will get more than one attempt with this. You can also draw it as a pattern if this is easier. Also, let the examiner know if you find it easier to read the white number platesat the front or theyellow number plate at the back.

You will be asked to a couple of maintenance questions about the vehicles.

The examiner will ask you to get ready whilst they walk around it and  check that the vehicle is legal. They will then explain about the test.

At the Test Centre: