Nervous Drivers:

If the idea of driving makes you anxious or nervous, you are not alone, many students with these sort of feelings have gone on to pass their test, often gaining a lot of confidence as a result. the path ahead.

At the start of the process, the path ahead may appear particularly daunting. Don't worry, all the steps required will be broken down to bite size chunks.

Initially, you willt be taken to a nice quiet area, preferably with wide roads and limited traffic.You will not be thrown inti the deep end, but you will be given the opportunity to develop your skills and confidence at a pace that suits you.

It is important to remember that when you are in the training car, you are not driving on your own. It is fitted with dual controls and I am very experienced at driving the car from the passenger if needs be, but also, when safe to do so, aloowing students to make mistakes so that they can learn from them.

Focusing on the tasks on hand and regular reviews can often help alleviating concerns. It is amazing how the mind works. Often the thought of doing something is worse than the reality. The number of students that worry about how the lesson is going to go, only to find that acutally it wasn't as bad as they thought it was going to be.


Once the basic controls of the car are grasped (ie clutch control, steering, gears basic rules of the road) we move on to doing simple junctions. Often bad habits learned have a habit of creeping back in as the challenges increase. Nothing stops us from returning to the basics to develop a subskill that we can then utilise in the more complex situation.

Similarly when we move onto dealing with more traffic or situations where there are more hazards, old habits often return.

A common example of this is slowing down.Students often forget the routine of taking your foot off the gas pedal, braking if necessary, clutch in at correct time, etc. This fault may return when approaching busy junctions or roundabouts. If this becomes a problem I often help students to practice slowing down on a long straight quiet bit of road before returning to the junction work or roundabout work.

Whatever happens, good communication is important so that we can work through the issues together.