In Westbury and Trowbridge Test Centres it is not uncommon to have a 4 - 5 month waiting time for the Practical Driving Test, so forward planning is often required. Normally the Practical DrivingTest is booked first and then lessons are planned in afterwards.

The Semi-intensive course includes 36 Hours of tuition and the Practical Test Fee

The Half-way Course course includes 20 hours of tuition and the practical test fee. This course is suitable for students that have received a certain amount of training and previous experience, have obtained a good grasp of clutch control and  a certain amount of understanding of how to deal with hazards. Access to a vehicle to practice is desirable

Semi-Intensive and Half-way Courses


  • If a suitable test slot can be found and I have availability for lessons then it is good for pupils wishing to learn over a short period of time

  • Less time is needed for reflection of the previous lesson.

  • Suitable for pupils who have the ability to pic practical skills up quickly.

  • For working people, a chunk of time can be taken off work and experience can be gained at a range of times throughout the day.


  • Pressure of a test looming can increase anxiey levels

  • If a student struggles in an area, there are less opportunities to put in extra lessons

  • Concentrating for long periods of time doesn't suit everybody

  • Courses over 1-2 weeks tend to be too intensive and pupils can become "burnt out" and so I dont offer them.

These courses are normally completed over a 3 - 6 week period. The theory test needs to be passed first!