The Theory Test itself consists of two parts.


The first is a multiple choice test where you have to answer 50 questions from a large bank of potential questions within 57 minutes and get 43 questions right.


The second part consists of 14 hazard clips, where you have to click when the hazard develop, as soon as it develops to get the maximum of 5 points for that hazard. 13 Clips have one developing hazard and one clip has a two hazards in it. The maximum score is 75. You must get 44 to pass. The link below is for one practice test. Extensive practice on a range of different mock tests will increase your chances of passing.

The current cost of the theory test is £23.

If you are waiting for a birthday or for a provisional driving license to arrive, you can still get ahead in driving by practicing for your theory test. There are many free apps to practice with. The best software has a review facility to help you learn how to improve your scores.

Book your theory test by clicking on the link below:

The Theory Test: