What to Take With

You to the Test?

The above link takes you to the govenment website advice on what to bring. The most essential item is your driving licence. Check where it is the night before.and check that you have it on you before you leave the house. You will not be aloud to take the test if you can't present it before the test starts. Whatever you do, don't assume its in your bag, wallet or purse,actually see it.

Although you shuld take your theory test certificate with you in case there is a problem, it will hardly ever be asked for, so it probably isn't the end of the world if you have misplaced it.

However, if you need to find your theory certificate number, or order a replacement, you can find the information you need on the following link.


You can also bring a copy of your DSA booking confirmation too, just in case there has been a mixup. I always check that I have the email to hand on my mobile phone. The booking can always be checked by the change my practical test link on the governemnt website.